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It's Not Magic (except it is): A Vague Introductory Blog Entry

After performances, I always encounter audience members who inevitably possess varying levels of concert- or opera-going experience. Often during these exchanges, the word "magical" or various synonyms materialize. Feeling the need to recuse myself from involvement with supernatural intervention, the 1.5 - 3.0 Versions of me would have launched into a short dissertation on the music-craft. With a few more versions of me in the past, I now merely say, "Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed it!"

From novice to aficionado, they all want a moment to remember. As artists, we strive to create this experience for the audience on a consistent basis. To a large degree, this is what determines our success as performers.

Ensuing existential crisis: My worksmith self trying to reconcile with the understanding-they-just-want-to-enjoy-it self.

This blog is the intersection of these two selves; the 'magic' finding its genesis from revisiting the crossroads in thoughts throughout the day (or those keeping me up at night), the process, the routine, the extraordinary, the mundane, what I may be consuming - of either the intellectual or culinary varieties - where I'm traveling, or what's exciting and new. I hope to include some tidbits and ideas others have found useful along the way, and maybe a history lesson here and there.

Oh.... and thanks to R and D (and a few others) for encouraging me to utilize this platform, and convincing me there was a reason to begin the journey.

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Daniel James Shigo
Daniel James Shigo
Jul 28, 2018

Welcome to BloggerLand!

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